From featured blog to dormant blog……Ryan is retooling and saving his wit for the season…..

In the meantime, get you some Freddie King:

Texas’ (Dallas area, Gilmer) own Mr. Freddie King (RIP) aka “The Texas Cannonball.”

For those who don’t know the King hopefully you’ll check him out again in the future.  This dude was idolized by the Stones, SRV and Clapton…thanks to the ills of America’s past most don’t know him…..

If yall check em out, hope you enjoy!

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone (best version EVER)

Boogie Funk (Instrumental)
Man played with SOUL baby.  Plus that collar is very sick, I think they took the wings from a condor.

Going Down (Stones, Clapton and tons of others have covered this gem)
Sick Dickie’s one piece with stingray collar.

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