Last Night

Last night the world was introduced to the beast that is Josh Hamilton.

Also happening last night, my man crush for Hambone intensified to embarrassing levels.

I’m going to let it soak in a little longer before I put a full entry about the All Star events.

Mainly because the exact level of love for Josh Hamilton may come out, thus terrifying those who know me and may cause me to question my own sexuality after I see it written down in black and white.

I strongly urge you to watch this clip taken from the seats of Yankee stadium as Hamilton‘s turn was underway.

(thanks to Jamey Newberg for forwarding to us on his mailing list)


Be Good-

Ryan A 



  1. Kylie

    I cannot blame you in the least for the mancrush. I have a crush on him too… except, well, I’m female. But seriously. He’s quite crushable.
    Justin Morneau holds the trophy, but Josh Hamilton holds the heart of every true fan of America’s pastime.
    You’re so lucky to have him on your team.
    Kylie —

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