Kinsler gets HOSED!!!



How in the world does Ian Kinsler not start over Dustin “Mini-Me” Pedroia in the All-Star game?


Oh, yeah, that’s right……Pedroia plays for the Red Sox.


What a joke….


I’m sure all the Sox fans who voted for Mini-Me have been lifelong Sox fans as well……..


God knows you’re lying……..


Be good and GO RANGERS!


Ryan A


  1. flairforthedramatic

    I agree. The whole All-Star “honor” is becoming a joke. It’s beyond obvious that the voting for the All-Star team is a popularity contest. It’s not only the fans making huge mistakes, but the players as well. The players voted in Varitek, who is hitting. 219! And the whole “every team has to be represented” is stupid. Not every team has an All-Star. I agree that Kinsler should of started over Pedroia. Also, many well deserving guys, like Mussina, don’t get a spot on the team. I like voting for the All-Stars but hate seeing the results, knowing that many on the roster shouldn’t be there.

  2. Ryan A


    Mussina got absolutely robbed.

    Varitek being voted in is ridiculous. I think I could blow a fastball by that Chump. His days are numbered.

    I understand he’s a great leader and all……but the ASG is not about leadership….it’s about what you do on the field..

    Thanks for the comment, nice blog, I’ll peek in now and again……despite my disdain for the Yanks!!! HAHA

    Ryan A

  3. flairforthedramatic

    No problem. And disdain for the Yanks? *gasp* Lol.
    The Rangers are becoming my second favorite team.

  4. Kylie

    I am SO irritated with Ian Kinsler not starting at second. I may be an NL fan but, seriously, this year more than any I have become very frustrated with fan voting. I’m starting to think that maybe the player voting should just count for everything; plus I hate the Red Sox, so that doesn’t help either.
    And it’s not just the AL. Matt Holliday denied by Kosuke Fukudome? Gosh.
    Keep up the awesome blog.
    Kylie —

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