D-Train is Derailing


With the Rangers off last night I decided to tune in to last night’s ballgame between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians.

I was excited to get to see the pitching matchup Cliff Lee vs the energetic Dontrelle Willis….then the game started.

Good God Almighty, what is wrong with Dontrelle Willis?

Is anyone sensing an impending meltdown of epic proportions?  One that would make the Rick Ankiel implosion look like a joyride.

It was beyond painful to watch, I thought he was crying when he came off the mound.

What made it so painful to watch was me knowing how much love D-Train has for the game, how much energy and competitiveness runs through those veins while he’s on the bump.

Yes he has been on a decline in the last few years.

I would bet the ranch that it is 95% mechanical.

His long arms and legs just flailing in all directions as he delivers a pitch, never being able to replicate his delivery on back-to-back pitches.

You could see it in his eyes that he knows something is wrong,

If he didn’t all he had to do was listen to Orel Hershiser shred his mechanics on national TV, but hey, that’s his job, call it like he sees it. 

Now it’s up to Willis and the organization to right the ship of MLB’s 2005 Cy Young runner-up.

Both for him and baseball at large.


One comment

  1. chrislos

    Nice Post Ryan!!

    I love the d-train and the fans in Toronto do too, they went like nuts when he came this past May.

    The Baseball Collector

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