A BIG Hamilton Achievement


According to Jamey Newberg of The Newberg Report:

“MLB has just named Josh Hamilton the American League Player of the Month for May.  He is the first American League player in the 35-year history of the monthly honors to win the award in both April and May in a given season.  Eric Davis (1987), Bobby Bonilla (1988), and Mark McGwire (1998) achieved the feat in the National League.”

Time to start the ol’ “Records Josh Hamilton Has Broken” scoreboard.

There’s a possibility they’d run out of numbers. 

I understand the, “WHOA, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, he’s got some history, you can’t trust him long term….”

As an addict, he will never overcome his addiction.  The best he can do is “keep it in check.” 

Case in point:

After keeping his cocaine and heroin addiction in check for 20 years Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler checked into rehab a couple weeks ago after falling off the wagon he’d ridden for so long (click here).

I personally feel Josh has begun to whip his affliction for many reasons but I’ll list the most pertinent in my opinion…..

First, he’s established many “check points” in his day to day living.  Meaning he avoids putting himself into any sort of scenario that could turn on his craving and put him in harms way.  I know he’s said he doesn’t think about it that much, but when you’ve put close to four million dollars up your nose and/or in your lungs via crack pipe, it rewires your brain.  It is a proven fact that all types of addiction can result in this, however, abuse of stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamines) cause the worst damage. 

Next, and without trying to bring religion into the discussion, he is a very, very religious man.  The basis of most recovery programs is the realization of a higher power, whether it be a door knob or the Man himself.  I’ll take the Man himself over an inanimate object thank you.

Finally, he has a great support system who knows everything he’s gone through (see here).  There is no hiding behind lies and mistruths with the people who are behind him.  They know him through and through and would catch any BS in next to no time.

Nolan, JD, THicks……time to sign this cornerstone centerfielder to a 6-7 year deal.  

In order to make everyone feel at ease (if legally compliant) include “Out Clauses” for the team should Josh relapse prompting action from MLB.

I’m sure the wheels are in motion but sometimes you gotta remind folks.

Go Rangers!



  1. cmcdade@apple.com

    I read the Sport Illustrated article about Josh this week. It is a great story, and I am rooting for him. However, the things he has to do to keep his demons in check are mind-boggling. Things such as not eating with teammates, never carrying cash, having someone with him (Even scarier that it is Jerry Narron’s brother) at all times don’t seem sustainable.

    I hate to be the a-hole that points out the elephant in the room, but a burning desire to win is present in all elite, consistent athletes. I think much of Josh’s mind constantly battles his addiction. There have obviously been premier players with addictions such as Mickey Mantle, but Josh’s seems worse than most. Feel good stories are great, but playoffs and the World Series are the real goals. I would be shocked if Josh is the cornerstone of this team three years from now.

  2. Ryan A


    I’ll partially agree with you. The odds are against him to stay clean. Unforturnately, just as I noted, you are never “cured” of Addiction, there’s not some quick fix pill that we Americans prefer.

    One of the aspects of recovery is that you must have hit a “bottom” in your life. Hopefully what he’s gone through is his “bottom.”

    Just think if Darryl Strawberry took some of the precautions that Josh takes.

    Have a good one-

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