Sell! Sell! Sell!

Talking a little hypothetical here.  Bare with me and play along.

Let’s say you wake up on the trading deadline which is July 31st.  It’s 8 am, it’s already 100 degrees outside, my boy will be 1 month and 12 days old, the Rangers are 10 games over .500 and tied with the Angels of North America/California/Los Angeles and last but not least Anaheim.

See, the scenario isn’t that big a stretch is it?  Ok, let’s say they’re 2 games back of the Angels and tied for the Wild Card…..

So…..are we buyers, or are we sellers?

Now, back to reality…


See the dude in the picture with the “ARB 056” hanging from his neck……that better be Jon Daniels and he better be selling hard, selling like Blake from “Glengarry Glen Ross”.

If we did find ourselves in this hypothetical position it would be tough not pulling the trigger.  Scores of fans would be crying for us to buy, radio shows would be screaming to buy, columnists and beat writers alike would be shouting to buy.

But this is what “the plan” is all about, right?.  Sitting on your prospects and nurturing them into anything from serviceable major leaguers to all stars.  It is what baseball is about now.  The frivolous spending of yesterday is long gone (besides the bigmarket boys, you know who they are) as small to mid market teams must develop their own in order to compete year in and year out. 

A byproduct of “the plan” is taking some lumps and criticism.  I don’t know about you but I could deal with some short term pain in order to achieve long term success.  We haven’t won in almost a decade, so what’s one or two more years, right? 

Will we be in that position?  Not sure, but it scares me that some in the local media have suggested we become deadline spenders.  They reason this by saying our minor league system is deep enough that we could put a nice package together and not deplete our system.

Having a stockpile of minor league talent is a great position to be in isn’t it?  I don’t remember ever having that luxury before, and with time, it will only get deeper and deeper.  So why ruin it? 

Now is not the time to package up prospects for a 3rd or 4th starter who will be gone a year after his service, one who has the distinct possibility of withering away in the moronic heat we have in Texas.  We don’t buy because I don’t have the faith in our organization right now, particularly in the way they judge young talent, mainly the way they judge young PITCHING talent.

So, in this short post I beg the Rangers to Sell, Sell, Sell…..if they don’t know how just call this guy.

Be good.

Ryan A








    I totally agree. This is not a playoff team and another half season rental of Carlos Lee will make absolutely no difference. I would either be a seller or hold on to potential type A free agents for the draft picks (Possibly Milton Bradley). I would trade Sidney Ponson before his predictable mental demise and move Millwood and Padilla if possible. I have never seen any value in “Cat” at any time in his career…..I would waive him if I couldn’t trade him. It is time to send the “content losers” packing and keep veterans around that will play hard and help develop younger players. Winning is a skill/talent just like power or a great fastball. There is a reason that players like Jeter and Varitek are winners while far more talented players like A-rod and Bonds are yet to wear a ring. It is time to stockpile more young talent….any World Series is at least five years away. We have been waiting 35 years…what is five more?

  2. Ryan A


    Well put as always.

    If we buy it will cause the organization to lose some face they’ve been trying to build this year with “the plan” talk.

    I am glad we’re winning now. Makes the rebuild more pallatable and really gets you excited with all the future possiblities….

    I don’t envy the upper brass with this decision, it’s a tough spot to be in.

    No matter what they do there are going to be some ticked off fans…

    To do, or not to do that is the question……maybe it was to be or not to be……I dunno, I wasn’t very good with Shakespeare.

    See ya!

  3. Ryan A

    Mr. Chris Los-

    No sir, my brain-dead friend locked his keys in his house (where the tickets were), didn’t get there til gametime.


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