Ryan A’s Proclamation

Josh Hamilton is in the top five when speaking of best players in the game.

I am proclaiming that he has the best tools of ANYONE today.

The sky is the limit for our young Hammer (Hank Blalock officially lost this nomenclature the minute Hamilton started taking BP during Spring Training.)

Click here to see his monster night.

It doesn’t show his first at bat which is the one I was most impressed with.  He lined a ball the opposite way for a single.  Nothing real impressive, but for someone with his power and size, to be able to stay on the ball serving them into left field, is something else.

Then watch his at bat when he beats out a close-to-routine grounder.

Oh, and check out around 55 seconds, right when the ball leaves the bat, the sound the crowd makes, this is what it’s all about, the “Buzz” he creates.

His natural, God-given talents are beyond ridiculous.  Don’t forget he’s 6’4″ hovering around 240.

For the record, and I”ve said this a million times, I don’t care if Volquez wins 15-18 games, I make that trade 10 times out of 10…..just to emphasize it a little more, I make it 10,000,000 times out of 10,000,000. 

Hamilton will win more games by being out there everyday.  Hamilton is a special player, one that doesn’t come around all too often.

I’m going to the game tonight and I am actually beyond excited, this is the first time I”ve felt this way in a looooong time folks.

I haven’t even talked about his defense yet.  I’ll save that for another time, I don’t want people thinking I have some sort of mancrush on the Hammer or anything……….

Be good-

Ryan A


  1. cmcdade@apple.com

    Just to keep it real here on Big League Hair…Chris Shelton was acquired for Freddy Guzman. Galarraga was traded for Michael Hernandez who was waived during Spring Training. Jon Daniels is the problem with Rangers. There is absolutely no accountability for criminally poor trades.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Ryan!

    This is Jimmy from “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” … First, thanks for visiting my MLBlog last week … Sorry, I didn’t respond to your comments sooner, as I have been busy; but, I did write a response earlier today to your comments on my: “Igawa and Betemit Both Terrible in Yankees Loss” post, on my blog … So, check it out, when you get a chance … Also, thanks for the kind words regarding my blog … I’ve read some of your posts, here at your blog, and find your thoughts and comments to be very entertaining and interesting. You have an excellent blog – keep up the good work ! … In your comments on my blog, you asked the question, “When is Joba cracking the 5”? … Well, as you probably already read, the process to move Joba Chamberlain into the Yankees starting rotation began this past Wednesday, when he pitched two scoreless innings in the Yankees 8-0 win vs. the Baltimore Orioles … Joba threw 35 pitches in that game, and will continue to pitch in the bullpen, as he builds up his arm strenght, and innings pitched … The plan calls for Joba moving into the starting rotation “this year”. No time frame as been stated by the Yankees Organization, but my guess is: Joba’s first start could come right after the all-star break in one of the three games the Yankees play against the Minnesota Twins, at Yankee Stadium, on July 21, 22, and 23 … or, he could start sooner. It’s anybody’s guess … But, in my view, whatever they say “about a plan that was already in place” regarding Joba moving into the rotation [starting at this point of the year], doesn’t really mean anything, because I think this move clearly looks like it was directed [behind the scenes] by Yankees owner, Hank Steinbrenner … And, I totally agree with the move, as it has always been my opinion [since the end of last season] that Joba Chamberlain is way more valuable to the Yankees as a starter … He is awesome, and will be the “ace” of the Yankees starting rotation, now, and for many years in the future !!! … Also, of course, I totally agree with your description about Mariano Rivera, being “like a fine wine”. He is the best closer in the history of the game, and probably the main reason for all the success the Yankees have had over the last 13 years, in all the regular seasons, playoffs, and World Series appearances, and four World Championships, during the Joe Torre era … Anyway, I make all these comments on a day that the Texas Rangers (24-25), have a better record than the last place [in the AL East] NY Yankees (22-25) … Both our teams have won two straight games, though, winning our games [yesterday] with a big last inning hit … A walk-off, game winning single, by Robinson Cano, in the Yankees 2-1 win; and, a 10th inning homerun by Josh Hamilton in the Rangers 8-7 win … Both were great games … For the Yankees, Ian Kennedy pitched a solid six-innings, but did not get the win … Maybe he had Joba on his mind, knowing he had to pitch a “big game”? … He did deliver a great performance, though !!! … and, “WOW”, great night by Josh Hamilton !!! … Excellent post on Hamilton !!! … 12 HR’s; 53 RBI’s; .335 BA … He’s having a year like A-Rod had last year … (Sorry to bring up A-Rod’s name) … but, we still haven’t won a World Championship with him yet, and until he gets a “ring” …well, he has made a big difference in the last two games for the Yanks … but, still no ring ! … I’ll end with two names that are having very interesting years for the Texas Rangers: Sidney Ponson, and Kazuo Fukumori … I did see your post on Ponson, [very good], but it seems like Sidney “found” himself again … 3-0, 2.95 ERA … What would you say is the reason for his great season, so far? … When he was with the Yankees, in 2006, he was a disaster !!! … And, in the off season, Kazuo’s name kept coming up as a possible signing by the Yankees, but I think they backed-off because Kazuo was injured last year in Japan, and he wanted a two-year contract. The Yankees only wanted to sign him to a one-year deal … What happned to him? … I see he only pitched four innings, for the Rangers, and has a 20.25 ERA … A 20.25 ERA !!! … A 20.25 ERA … Well, he was sent down to AAA, but was there an injury involved? … or, just like Kei Igawa, maybe he’s only a “AAAA” type pitcher [somewhere between MLB and AAA] !!! … Those are some of my observations and thoughts, so until next time, take care, Ryan … Have a great Memorial Day weekend !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …


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