My Turn


Pitching wins ballgames.

Pitching wins championships.

Pitching will beat good hitting 9 times out of 10.


No Free Agent Pitchers want to pitch in Arlington, TX so we have to raise our own.

These are all pretty well known facts.  I know them, you know them and well, I guess Jon Daniels doesn’t know them….

Armando Galarraga, John Danks, Edinson (Edison, Jose Reyes) Volquez, and Chris Young.

Having a pretty good year collectively huh?

All of the above were traded by Jon Daniels since JD got here.

This is not an entry aimed at slamming JD, it’s more of a therapeutic entry.  Seeing these guys nightly on Sportscenter grows tiresome.

Now, I’ll make the Volquez for Hamilton deal ten times out of ten.  Josh Hamilton is a freak, we had no studs coming up in the minors who were outfielders, our OF depth on the farm is pretty weak from what I understand.

But, we sure did a good job of righting Edinson Volquez after a dismal 2006.  Mark Connor sent him all the way to High A ball just as he did Roy Holladay in 2001. 

So, props to the coaching staff in righting a 4-pitch maestro whose nickname is Pedrito (Little Pedro). 

I’m trying to be a glass half-full guy here.

Armando Galarraga is 2-1 with a 3.07 ERA in 5 starts.  In 29.1 innings he has 21 strikeouts and has held opponents to a paltry (favorite baseball adjective) .187 batting average.

I’ll take that.

I don’t even know why we got rid of him.  I’m thinking it was some sort of log jam on the 40-man (mismanagement???) that caused us to try and have him clear waivers.  I think Detroit scooped him up on the cheap, like Chris Shelton cheap.  OINTMENT PLEASE!!!!

Next is John Danks, aka the lefthanded guy we drafted with our number one pick (#9 overall) in 2003….and who we traded to the Chicago White Sox for Brandon McCarthy, who may be made of glass.

Danks is 3-3 with a 2.74 ERA in 8 starts holding hitters to a .236 clip.

McCarthy, well, google him.  Actually, just click on his name, but you won’t find any 2008 numbers for him….

I can picture Kenny Williams (White Sox General Manager) running to the phone to accept that call from JD that eve of Christmas Eve 2006.  The same way I see George Costanza running over those women and kids as he evacuated that apartment after the fire alarm went off.

And finally, Chris Young.

I think this was JD’s first trade while manning the ship.  Not a good way to start out is being kind. 

You get my point here.

There are lots of prospects in our system that are supposed to be coming up the next few years, however, I don’t know that they can equate to the above guys we’ve lost. 

In order to find out and keep them here, Nolan Ryan may have to cut JD’s trigger finger off to keep this from happening again. 

Let me know Big Tex, I’ve got the chloroform-soaked rag ready.

Next up:  Brandon Boggs, maybe….







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