More Gumbo Please….

Alright, I apologize for the last post, apparently I jinxed the staff as they gave up 24 runs in 18 innings…..hardly close to anything they showed the previous two weeks, so I’m willing to take the blame. 

Some rapidfire thoughts below.


  • The “game face” Kason Gabbard sports is hardly what you’d expect to see after watching him fold like a lawn chair as Richard Sexson charged him last week.  I think Kason finally got out of the fetal position an hour before warmups tonight.  But, he does look mean out there, as mean as a soft tossing leftie can look that is…


  • Gerald Laird sure is making it tough for Wash to pencil in Jarrod Saltalamacchia.


  • Apparently Chris Shelton is a good bunter as he laid down two PERFECT sacs in last nights 5-2 win over Seattle, problem is he’s a firstbaseman.  When’s the last time Big Papi put down two in one game?  Or one for that matter. 


  • To build on the above comment, if they’re not willing to put Saltalamacchia at firstbase to get him some extra atbats why not put Nelson Cruz at first base starting tonight in Oklahoma (Texas Rangers AAA-affiliate), hit him 10000 fungos after the game and bring him up tomorrow giving him one last shot.  He is mutilating AAA pitching (proj .336/56/162/1.179 ops) and he’s added a couple of dimensions to his game which the big club wanted him to work on, his patience at the plate (28 bb vs. 22 k) and baserunning (11 sb vs. 3 cs).  He’s got quick hands and maybe he’s finally learned how to sit back on the offspeed stuff, I say, what do you have to lose, stranger things have happened…


  • Rupe vultured win from Kason Gabbard, Rupe has nothing to fear.


  • I’m not as worried about David Murphy as I was two days ago.  After strking out 4 times Sunday and starting the game Monday on the bench Murph got two hits in last night’s game.  The league seems to have a book on Murph now.  Soft stuff away…..he knows it, let’s see if he really is an everyday outfielder and makes the adjustment….last night he did.


  • Brandon Boggs is fun to watch, he brought a revitalized feeling to the club upon arrival, shoulda traded Marlon Byrd when we had the chance.


  • I will still bare Josh Hamilton’s second child if he so chooses.


  • I’m sure we’ll start hearing chants to trade Hank Blalock if Ramon Vasquez keeps playing like a maniac.  Blalock is signed through the end of this year and if he’s healthy and productive from now til deadline he could haul in a couple of good prospects.  To be honest I say trade Vasquez, he’s too good looking for this team.  He looks like Enrique Iglesias sans mole (my cousin pointed that out to me, swear)


  • Finally, Everyday Eddie Guardado made an appearance last night.  He was Yesterday Eddie (sorry) because he came in throwing the way he did in the past.  3 batters, 9 pitches, 9 strikes, 3 outs.  Coming right at hitters with unintimidating stuff, an ultimate bulldog is Eddie.  He was fired up after the game, he fired the team up and boy oh boy did he fire me up.


Alright boys, 1 game under .500 after 41 games.  Keep learning how to win, keep getting better.


Over and out-

Ryan A




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