Big Sidney!

Well, whodathunkit?  Sidney Ponson is back.  And I”m really trying not to overreact…..but, could we have found “lighting in a bottle?”

Certainly I, nor anyone I know expected such a resurgence from this big time perfromer of yesterday gone.

Sir Sidney (he was made a knight by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) is only 31 and not far removed from a really good year….in 2003 he went 14-6 with a 3.77 E.R.A.  This was during the backend of the steroid era, which are impressive numbers given the amount of bull semen the hitters were ingesting back then.

It, of course, was his contract year and he hasn’t done much of anything in baseball worth noting.  However, off the field he’s been much more noticable, racking up a couple of DWI’s (both in 2005) and I think he knocked out an Aruban judge as well.

Seems as though Sidney has put down the bottle for a little while after realizing…..”Man, I’m kinda pissing this away here…..time to put down the Jack and Little Debbie variety pack and get my big butt in gear.”

I wonder if he’s approached Josh Hamilton or anything like that, Josh knows a thing or two of tying one on, maybe this is Josh’s first reclaimation project?  Or maybe I’m being a little tabloidish…..either way, welcome back Sidney Ponson.




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