Pronk II?

Jason Botts, he of 38 at bats in the 2008 season (and only 282 for his career), has been DFA’d (Designated for Assignment). 

And understandably, he wants the Rangers to trade (good luck) or give him his outright release.

Botts, 28, grew up in the Rangers farm system, all of nine years.  He should want to get out of the Rangers organization, he deserves to start anew with a different franchise.

Question is, does anyone want to give him a chance?

As big as this guy is (6’5″, 250 lbs) his bat has never developed the thud that alot of people expected.  He is a switch hitter with a long-swing, who is slow-footed.  Oh and he’s also considered a defensive liability. 

As bad as that sounds, we had another guy like that at one time, his name was Travis Hafner (aka Pronk)….heard of him?

For JD’s sake, oh brother, if Botts turns into Pronk II then expect the natives to come down I-30 carrying torches looking to burn the stadium down.

For Botts sake, I like the shot he took at the Rangers when learning of his demotion.  You can’t really argue with what he said because, well, it’s true.

Godspeed Jason Carl Botts.

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