Rangers Gumbo

Vicente Padilla

Anyone more terrified of Vicente Padilla than I am?

This guy looks like he’s just waiting for you to cross him, then out comes the shiv he has stashed away in one of his leggings.  I don’t think he’d stick it in between your ribs or anything, but he would no doubt pull it on you. 

Last night Padilla dominated the Blue Jays.  He was brilliant.  This guy has some serious stuff when he’s healthy and feeling it.  Last night, and so far this year, he has had both.

He was 93-97 with his heavy two seamer and he appeared to be going to his “eefus” like curveball more and more.  Did I see a few that were in the upper 60’s range ???

While facing Frank Thomas in the fourth inning Padilla was behind in the count two and one.  Obvious fastball count, I knew it, Big Hurt knew it, everyone knew it.  Padilla offered the fastball only to disintegrate Big Hurt’s bat.  I know Frank isn’t what he once was, but I thought that pitch alone showed exactly what kind of stuff the Blue Jays were up against last night.

David Murphy, told you buddy, you’ll be alright, you left 11 men on base the night before, you were ticked off and promptly went three for four, atta boy Rusty, I mean David.

CJ Wilson is going to end up being featured soon on Big League Hair.  He has some sweet hair no doubt.  By going 5 for 5 thus far in save oppurtunities he’s living up to his end of the bargain.  The only problem is my wife thinks he’s cute, so, he’s going to have to work a little harder to become a bonafied HairGod.  But, he’s on his way if he isn’t already there.

Go Rangers!

Ryan A



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