Fist Hovering Over Make Believe Panic Button

If I were lucky enough to have a panic button, a closed fist would currently be hovering two inches above it…….sweat dripping from my nose, the light of the room hitting my pale skin, my blue eyes bugging out….if I see one more stupid error by anyone, mainly the middle infield I’m going to pound that thing and go into a hysteria never seen before.

Note to Ben Broussard, take the skillet out of your glove.  Either that, or look the ball in all the way, too many balls are kicking off the heal of your glove…..

David Murphy….struggling a bit, can’t be a stud all year….keep the faith Rusty, err, I mean David.

Michael Young, you want to play on a contender, yet you hit around .200 every April which contributes mightily to the holes we find ourselves in year after year after year after year after….

Ian Kinsler, are we going to have to move you to the outfield????

Finally, Wash, Coach Washington, I like you and you are undoubtedly a good baseball person, I am starting to worry that you are either better off managing a veteran-heavy team or a career assistant coach.  You are a player friendly coach, that’s fine, there are tons…but, this team is young, maybe you and Art need to do the following:

I am worried not bc we’re going to miss the playoffs, never thought we would be included.  I only worry because we are digressing as a team, we are not improving, we are getting worse.  No bueno for a rebuilding franchise.

Wake up boys, with the rising price of gasoline and crumbling value of the dollar yall are going to be hardpressed to find some people to fill seats if you keep this up. 

Go Rangers !!

Ryan A

One comment


    Moves that must be made:

    1. Cut Broussard — taking Botts’ at bats
    2. Call up Davis and Salty
    3. Trade Millwood, Bradley (in May), Benoit, Guardado (when off DL), and Blalock–they won’t be here when they are good again in 2012.
    4. Draft power hitters
    5. Most important — get a real manager and pitching coach. I suggest Bobby V and Leo Mazzone.

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