Josh Hamilton – turned on a Brian Wolfe fastball, hit it 1100 feet. Next AB, almost deposits one down the other line. That shows alot. His swing is really fun to watch.  However, he got a haircut, he went from totally shiek, to totally geek in under 24 hrs.  Keep hitting 1100 foot homeruns and Big League Hair will forgive you.  He didn’t want to be a HairGod, he supposed it to be blasphemous no doubt.

Defense – what the heck is going on? Wash loves defense, being the worst fielding team in both errors (tied with Seattle) and fielding percentage has got to be killing him.  The infield has to be in the lower half as far as range is concerned, if you dont have good range, you better suck up EVERY ball hit to you, we’re not doing that, MUST improve.

Gerald Laird has been rushing his throws until the last SB Attempt last night, think it was Lyle Overbay, apparently I am faster than Lyle Overbay.  Look for Laird to have corrected the problem and continue to throw runners out at a 40% clip.

That Nippert kid looked much better last night, wait, ALOT better. He was humpin’ it in there 93 on average and would bow up and blow some 96 mph heat. Maybe….nevermind. I hope he can continue to improve on that.

And finally, lil’ ol’ tabby-Cat. I’m still looking for people to put in some money to help offset any hit the Rangers would take if they cut him. Someone on an earlier post put in 10 bucks, after reading all the neg posts on Cat I know there are more. I’m willing to take a 2nd mortgage out on my home to sweeten the deal a little. Who else is in? I don’t even care who they bring up, they could sign Billy Crystal for all I care, he really is painful to watch.

Go Rangers!

Ryan A

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