Big League Hair: What is it? Who has it?

I was first introduced to the term “Big League Hair” at age 12 while attending a baseball camp.  It was put on by Skip Johnson who is now the pitching coach at UT.  Skip’s version of the term is basically that if you use hair product while wearing a hat, then you’ve got “Big League Hair” and subsequently you became a “HairGod”.

Throughout life my brother and I have come up w/ a more defined version of Big League Hair.  HairGods don’t have to be baseball players, they can be actors, fictional characters, musicians, carpenters etc…. 

I will start out giving the most basic rule in having “Big League Hair”…..wings

You have wings if you put your hat on and the hair over your ears either flips up or completely covers your ear, ala Liza Minelli in Arthur.

If you’ll look at the picture above it is everyone’s baseball buddy Nuke Laloosh.  Nuke has some medium sized wings.  What puts him over the top are the sideburns buried under those wings.  Definitely helping his cause is the fact that in this picture he was shaking Crash off cause he wanted to “announce his presence with authority.”  Only a HairGod would dare to shake Crash off.  For these reasons, Nuke is our inaugural member of the Big League Hair club.



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