More Murph

I gotta be honest, I love David Murphy.

The lefthanded Murphy went 2 for 4 in the game against two of the game’s top pitchers in Erik Bedard and JJ Putz (who has one of the best names in the game).

I know Byrd had a good year last year, but I just don’t see him sniffing his 2007 numbers.  History has a tendency of repeating itself and after a good 2003 campaign in Philly, Byrd fell off the map until last year. 

I like Byrd, he’s a gamer, a hustler.  He’s a good guy for the kids to look up to, but don’t we have Michael Young to do that already?  Do we really need a “battler” on the 25 man to merely serve as a big brother type?

I’m willing to give Byrd a month.  But if his timing remains as horrible as it was last night, he may not even break the “Mendoza-line” for April. 

One comment


    I saw Marlon in Spring Training, his timing is really bad. He basically had 1.5 months last year and trailed off. I doubt anyone wants him now. I would call up Mench and put Marlon on waivers if I can’t get a chlorine bucket for him.

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